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PlasmaDrill Applications

Posted in CNC Combo Tables

The unique GT PlasmaDrill combines the power of precision CNC plasma cutting with CNC Drilling to provide distinct productivity advantages to your business.

The low running cost, accuracy, and fine cutting power of our equipment produces sheet metal parts that previously could only be expensively lazer cut.

By using our machines in our company, we will show you how to maximise productivity in your business and even develop and create finished samples of your products for you.


Industries that actively benefit include;

  • Advertising and Signage - Lettering, Images, Logos, Artwork and Mobile displays
  • Automotive / Transport - Multiple sheet-metal parts, chassis, truck and trailer structural members, parts previously requiring expensive punching and bending dies
  • Construction - From roofing structures and complex cladding to precision parts, mountings and brackets.

The possibilities are endless!